Monday, July 09, 2007

Integration as a Service: Are you connected?

Is your organization still stuck in the 1990’s? Webcast Explains

Building efficient, fluid connections with your customers is a business imperative in your competitive landscape. It’s no longer good enough to have the best product and service; you have to be the easiest to conduct business with. Bridging the process and system gap between you and your customers requires scale, agility, and next generation technology… but the payoff is tremendous.

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Managing Storage Growth with Intelligent File Virtualization

Learn how file virtualization is revolutionizing file management for companies around the world by simplifying the complexity and cost of managing burgeoning file data. You'll get an end-user's perspective from Sean Maisey, Manager, IT Operations and Engineering, who has successfully implemented this technology to help The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation successfully management over 40 terabytes of storage.

Actionable Tips for Developing a Log Management Strategy

Join Kelly Kavanagh, Principal Research Analyst from featured analyst firm Gartner Inc. and Doug Barbin, Security Architect from VeriSign, for a pre-recorded Webcast on "Actionable Tips for Developing a Log Management Strategy." Learn what is required to implement a successful
log management program, how organizations are addressing the issues associated with log management, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with deploying and managing a log management solution.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Planning, Designing and Building A Business Intelligence Infrastructure

Driving results through effective data integration and data quality

Businesses today are often swimming in a sea of data, but many struggle to turn that data into actionable intelligence. In today’s business environment there is rapid proliferation and growth of data which is increasingly dynamic, and needs to be the most timely and accurate to drive better business decisions and operational actions. Learn how your organization can respond.

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Emerging Online Technologies to Build Loyal and Profitable Customer

Your website is the face of your organization. In the face of smaller budgets and fewer resources, how do you determine the right technology to implement to enhance a user's experience and drive greater ROI from your website? In addition, how do you move at the speed of the web while considering these decisions carefully?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Business Transformation through SOA: Evolve your IT Infrastructure

A Distributed Approach to SOA Providing Benefits Hard to Ignore

The evolution of Service-Oriented Architecture is enabling businesses to realize low operating costs, high returns on existing and future IT investments, and a more modernized and streamlined IT infrastructure. Learn how your company can reap the business benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and hear experts discuss a distributed approach to SOA that is successfully sweeping the global market.

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Relationship Based Pricing as a breakaway strategy for banks

Banks are pursuing innovative and transformative customer service differentiation strategies to win and retain their client share in the highly competitive global financial services market. As products get commoditized, customers get more demanding and interest based income shrinking, banks are trying to differentiate with customer centric strategies like convenience banking, personalized and fee based products and packages as well as customer relationship based pricing. Learn more.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Is your IT department proactive or constantly fighting fires?

Closing the Gap: Reactive to Proactive IT Service Management

How do you move from reactive to proactive IT service management? In this concise 17-minute webcast Gartner analyst David Williams discusses a new, automated paradigm for IT service management and introduces the innovative learning technologies that make it possible. IT operations executive Joseph Ambrose explains how his team used the approach to generate significant results at a Fortune 50 company.

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Combating the Rising Tide of Web-Borne Threats

Today, web content security means not only protecting your enterprise from nuisance adware and pop-ups; but more importantly, protecting against malicious spyware, Trojans, phishing and malware that are web-borne, dangerous and often criminal in nature. Learn how to stay ahead of the rising tide of web-borne threats to keep your enterprise and digital assets safe.

Achieving Business Objectives Through the Convergence-Ready Network

The networking world is constantly evolving. There's always a new challenge to wrestle with, be it: time-to-implementation pressures, scalability, reliability, investment protection, and so much more. So, how can enterprises best maximize their investments? And is there a future-proof solution for next-generation enterprise infrastructures? Learn from the experts.

What Independent Software Vendors MUST consider when evaluating strategies for deploying their software as a service?

Software delivery is changing, and software companies without a Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, strategy are going to fall behind their competition. As a software vendor, how do you decide the best SaaS strategy to complement or replace your existing on-premise application? In this webcast, learn from Gartner, USi, and Saba Software what factors Independent Software Vendors must consider to determine which software deployment models meet the needs of their customers while considering the potential business impact of delivering software in a new way.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Achieving Business Objectives Through the Convergence-Ready Network

Convergence-ready networks provide a foundation to support all applications

The networking world is constantly evolving. There's always a new challenge to wrestle with, be it time-to-implementation pressures, scalability, reliability, investment protection and so much more. So, how can enterprises best maximize their investments? And is there a future-proof solution for next-generation enterprise infrastructures? In this webcast, trusted advisors from Gartner and Foundry Networks will address the networking challenges enterprises face and, more importantly, the solutions to solve those challenges and increase ROI.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Advanced Fraud Techniques on the Upswing

Countering Sophisticated Fraud

How do you give your customers and your organization the most access while protecting them from cyber-fraud attacks? What are the most secure solutions? Further, how can you use these solutions to automate business functions and increase self-service, thereby providing the strongest protection and cost savings? Tune in and learn.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Strategic Use of Customer Feedback

An Enterprise Platform for Managing Customer Feedback: Strategies for Championing the Voice of the Customer Across your Organization

Virtually all organizations collect some form of customer feedback, be it through individual surveys or regular customer interactions. But how many organizations actually make use of that feedback to enhance future interactions? The sad reality is only about 10 percent. Tune in to this rich media program and learn from the experts on how to use EFM (enterprise feedback management) to improve strategic and operational efficiency.

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CFO Priorities in the Performance Driven Enterprise

Hear the experts discuss the many advantages Corporate Performance Management (CPM) offers, including a closed-loop approach to metrics, planning and reporting, particularly in regards to the finances, consistency to your business processes, effective alignment between top-level goals and bottom-level objectives, a more uniform approach to how information is gathered and controlled within the organization and a greater confidence in the numbers.